Ledson Family

OUR FAMILY is deeply rooted in Sonoma County’s grape growing tradition; dating back to the 1860’s when our great, great, grandfather, Zina, first crafted small bottlings of Zinfandel and Aleatico from his prized vineyard.

Since then, each generation has grown up with a passion for the land, an enduring respect for its history and a deep commitment to steward it for generations to come.

Nowhere is this commitment more profound, or more personal, than with our Mountain Terraces Vineyard in Sonoma’s exclusive Moon Mountain district. Perched at 2000ft, Mountain Terraces is our highest elevation vineyard, producing limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon of extraordinary depth and heightened expression.

Nestled far above the valley floor, Mountain Terraces is a private, working estate, not open to the public.